Becoming a Coleman Firefighter is as simple as it is hard...

It is as simple as coming by the Coleman Fire Station as asking one of our on duty firefighters for an application. You can ask questions and get a personal station tour of our facilities and our equipment. Our station is manned 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Another easy way is to ask any firefighter you may know. Check our roster page to see if you know one already. Our members can answer most of your questions and give you a first hand account of what its like to be a firefighter.

Now for the hard part!!!

Once your in, the hard part starts. It is also the fun part.

After being accepted at a regular meeting, you will be given a briefing from the officers at the officers meeting. At the conclusion of the meeting, you will be assigned your PPE, your fire suit if you will. It will consist of a turnout coat and pants, boots, gloves and a “probies” helmet. In addition, a radio or pager will be issued to you, this is how we receive our calls for service.

Over the next nine months you will complete training to the level of Fire Fireghter 2. This training will consist of the training curriculum prescribed by the Texas Commission On Fire Protection. This course is about 300 credit hours in subjects such as Fire Chemistry, Firefighter Safety, Pump Operations, Fire Ground Operations, thirty three topics in all. These topics will cover both lecture and hands on training. This will be primarily covered by a web based course found on the training pages and by hands on done on drill nights.

You will also be required to attend 65% of all drills, and to respond to 25% of calls for service.

Your training requirements will continue throughout your fire service career. Further training beyond your
initial training will keep your skills sharp, and abreast of new methods and changes in the fire service.