National Incident Managment System

NIMS is a product of FEMA and the California Incident Command System known in the 1970's as FIRESCOPE. NIMS provides Emergency Services a common method for managing incidents of any scope with common terminology. NIMS is mandated for use by the federal government for any agency receiving federal funding or grants. This includes all Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Departments, and Emergency Medical Services. Each member of those departments must also train to the appropriate NIMS level.

Federal Mandate also states that all municipalities must adopt NIMS. The Coleman Fire Department and the City of Coleman have adopted NIMS by City Ordinance and Charter.

The following are links to levels of NIMS training.

All firefighters are required to have 100, 700 and 800 and officers must also complete 200.


700 TEST


800 TEST


100b TEST


200b TEST